Willingness to Partner


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A partner family must be willing to complete "sweat-equity" hours.

One of Habitat for Humanity's core concepts is to offer a partner family a hand up --- not a hand out.  In the ministry of Habitat for Humanity the only thing given away is an opportunity.  Prospective homebuyers are selected based on need, the ability to pay a mortgage, and the willingness to put in several hundred hours of labor on their own house.

"Sweat equity" is Habitat's name for the labor that future homebuyers must invest in the building of their own home.  Work is honorable.  Habitat families are partners in the process that leads to home ownership on terms that they can afford (with a no-profit, no-interest mortgage).  Homebuyer dignity remains intact because they are not the recipients of "charity."

Sweat equity is Habitat's best predictor of a partner family's future success.  Families who quickly complete their sweat equity often maintain good payment records and well-kept houses.  Time spent doing sweat equity instills in the homebuyer a sense of pride and ownership, teaching the basic building and house-maintenance skills that are necessary for homeownership.  A Habitat homebuyer, by being on site with a diversity of new friends and neighbors, has the chance to connect with the community in powerful ways.  As they work beside volunteers who help build their house they gain dignity, self-worth, and a sense of community.  The ultimate goal of sweat equity is for a Habitat partner family to feel that Habitat volunteers built this house with them not for them.

Each adult in a partner family is required to work at least 250 hours of sweat equity.

Haven't you waited long enough? We want to give you a hand up to own a simple, decent, affordable home!



In addition, the partner family must also be willing to attend home buyer education classes.